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Clothing | Skater Punk (U)

19 ratings
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Clothing | Skater Punk (U)

19 ratings


please immediately contact me if i made any oopsies ill fix th5m as fa5t as i possibly can <3

(U) : designed to be unisex.

What To Expect

  • 1 Material (Separated Versions Included + Masks(Metal/Belt/Belt Buckle))
  • 15+ Textures That Should Be Very Easy To Work With And Customize To Your Liking <3
  • Textured for hue shifts and so on (Emission Masks For Most Textures With Obvious Designs)
  • 2 Belt Designs that can be toggled using decals (or u can use your own patterns and have them overlay the belt mask provided <3)
  • SPP/Blender/FBX/UnityPackage (to make life a little easier)
  • OK UV Map ._.
  • 10 |i|i Sm00ch|[-555555555555555555555555555555555555 <33333333 MWAAAAHHHHH !


  • use on paid/public/nitro/free/etc avatars is allowed its all love <3.
  • |uv.. do not redistribute the assets by themselves in any shape or form that would be very silly and.. i dont think you're silly so please. no <3

srry | havent b55n active recently m`/ brain and b()dy are being weird.. | 5till |()v[- u th() k? ()kAy b safe byeee <3333

Join The Discord <3

direct contact: frog#3079

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